Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm bored, so you get a post.

There really hasn't been much to say lately.

There kind of is a new guy, but I'm not even sure if he's gay.

Let's call him the Environmentalist.

I know him (big surprise!) through the musical revue group. Well, I've known him for a year, but I'm just really starting to think of him like this. He's responsible, he's smart, and he's cute without being cocky/shallow like Flippy Hair, the Artist, and Adam's apple. More down-to-earth, you know?

Not that anything could really happen right now, since I'm leaving for Germany in less than a week and won't be back until August. More an acknowledgment that he is definitely boyfriend material than a declaration of my intentions to jump on him and ravish him in the middle of the quad.

And now a cute song/video:

Live. Love. Kick some arse.


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