Sunday, April 26, 2009

A relapse and a friendly suggestion

Well, I had thought I was over my crush on the Finn, but now that his girlfriend has gone back to Finland, he's looking a lot more attractive again. We were out yesterday with a big group, and when we saw each other, he smiled at me the same smile that I had loved so much before, and I got a brief moment of giddiness.

Then I just thought:

Ooh, maybe he's bi... Damnit Phillip, quit it!

Geordie just met him last night, and she said that she would try out her gaydar on him and get back to me. Ach, so.


And just a side note to all the girls out there:
If you are a little broad in the shoulder, spaghetti straps are NOT your friend. They only make you look broader. It would look better either strapless or with straps at least an inch wide.

And while we're at it, just because you really like a color, does not mean that it's a good color for you, i.e. Not all girls have the right coloration to wear pink. It's not a personal attack or anything. Everyone has a color that just does not look good on them (I look like a damn fool in yellow), and for some of you, that color is pink. Try blue. Trust me.


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