Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aaaaaaand I'm back!

Please disregard that last post. It was a moment of weakness. Besides, I have totally moved on from that now.

'How?' you may ask? Well, because I have met a great guy, and this time the interest is actually mutual!

He's Irish. Let's just call him something simple: Buachaill.

We've known each other for a couple weeks. We met through mutual friends, namely Geordie and another (straight) Irish guy, whom we will call the Leprechaun. Of course they met Buachaill through another mutual friend, whom (to vary slightly from what everyone has been guessing would be his nickname in this blog) we will call Thóin.* Thóin goes to the same university in Dublin as Buachaill.

Ḫanyway, so he and I expressed our mutual interest at a party this past Friday, after being nudged toward each other by Geordie, who has taken to calling herself my Fairy Godmother. We had our first real date last night. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about it at this point, since it's really too soon, but I will say that he's cute, down-to-earth, and a good kisser. If you want to know more, please direct your inquiries to im.trapped.and.need.out (at) gmail dot com.

I will leave you with a video that really makes me think about my not-always-so-open relationship with my mom. When I finally do come out to her, I think this video will be a good resource.


*For those of you who know what this means, let me assure you, I mean it (mostly) jokingly.

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