Monday, March 29, 2010

A return and some pleasant news

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?

In the postscript to my last post, I alluded to something having happened. Well that happened and quickly fizzled out. Let's just call the guy "Pendejo" and move on.

Anyway, January rolls around and I join a different, much more reputable dating site, one that measures compatibility and all that crap. No, not that one. A free one without discriminatory policies. Within a week, I was talking to about five or six different guys with varying rates of seriousness. Eventually, one who actually was in my town suggested we meet for coffee. I was a little wary and not really sure how interested I was in this guy, particularly because he was six years older than I am and did not seem to photograph well. But not wanting to be rude, I made myself look all purty and scheduled a coffee date at the local coffee shop on the edge of campus, about three hours before my German class, so I could have an out if I wanted one, but we could also have a decent amount of time to talk if we hit it off.

Well, we hit it off. That first coffee date was a little awkward, but it's always a little awkward meeting someone new, especially when you're both semi-closeted gay men trying to keep a low profile at a coffee shop frequented by students and professors from the unnamed Baptist university of which I am a student and he is an alumnus. We both ran into people we knew, at which times the other just stood there quietly. Hanyway, so it turns out that we have rather similar interests. We both love music and languages, but while I chose to focus on studying languages, he focused on music. He holds a BM and an MM from the unnamed Baptist university. And an MDiv, but let's not get into that right now. He has also now applied to an MA program in French at a certain large state university in our state's capital. So yeah, he's definitely an educated guy.

And I know this sounds a bit rush-y, but four days and three dates later we each had our first boyfriend. He's a bit of a late bloomer, which makes the age difference not seem like as big of a deal. So we've been together for two and a half months now. He's met my best friends; I've met his. We're both busy people with wonky, unbalance schedules, so we don't get see each other every day, but that works just fine for us. It keeps us both from getting to clingy. We do have some sort of contact every day, be it a phone call, text message, or Facebook whatever, but at this point, we don't really need to see each other every day.

When we are together, we talk about music, languages, politics, and our lives, interspersed with beer, wine, food, clever Britcom, beautiful Danish films, and various amorous activites. It's always a pleasant experience.

So yes, I have a boyfriend, and for the purposes of this blog, he shall be called "Lomond".

In other news, I am buried beneath a mountain of schoolwork, trying to dig myself out in order to graduate. I'll be fine. Just thought I'd

Now I leave you with a video of the song "Prom Tonight" from the 2001 comedy classic Not Another Teen Movie, because it's been stuck in my head all damn day.

You may recognize a few actors who later went on to a good amount of fame, namely Chyler Leigh of Grey's Anatomy, Chris Evans of the Fantastic Four, and Jaime Pressly of My Name Is Earl. See? Good things can come from doing a silly parody film.

Goodnight, all.


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