Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some people never change.

Last night, around 1 am, when I was about to go to bed, I get a text from a number that's not in my phone. It reads:

+1713XXXXXXX: Hey boo

I googled the area code and found that it was a Houston number. I thought, who on earth do I know from Houston who would text me in the middle of the night and call me 'boo', but whose phone number I don't have? I thought maybe it was a wrong number, so I replied:

Phillip Wilde: Who is this?
+1713XXXXXXX: [Lip ring]

(Oh shit, what the hell does he want?)

PW: Oh. What's up?
Lip Ring: Nm. Visiting [my central Texas town]
LR: Single

(That whore! He probably thinks I'm going to hook up with him just because he's single again. *gags*)

PW: Well good for you. I'm not.
LR: Umm ok just saying hi
LR: Rude
PW: Wasn't trying to be rude. Just letting you know up front.
LR: I wasn't looking for dick...just sayimg [sic] hi
PW: Never said you were. I just thought that since you established that you're single, it seemed appropriate to establish that I'm not.

(Three minutes without a response.)

PW: So how are you doing?
LR: Just drinking.. u?
LR: [blank message]

(That's not a response to "how are you doing?", you dumbass. That's a response to "what are you doing?".)

PW: Doing schoolwork.

(Seven minutes without a response.)

PW: I guess you're not going to say anything else then.

(Another seven minutes without a response.)

PW: Okay then. I'm going to bed. Have fun with whatever it is you're doing wherever you're doing it.


Then around 10 this morning, I was actually feeling a bit guilty about how I spoke to him last night, so I sent him this text:

PW: I realize I was a bit short with you last night, but you should know why. You didn't exactly treat me well in the past.

I didn't get a response, but I figured maybe he was just still asleep. Later, a bit after 1 this afternoon, I send him this:

PW: If you want to mend this bridge, I'm willing to cooperate, but you have to make the first step.

And I meant it. I'm tired of being bitter. If he would just bloody apologize, show some damn remorse, I would forgive him. Certainly not forget, but at least maybe then I could stop caring about what he did. I thought I had already gotten to that point, but hearing from him again brought back all those old desires to kick him in the crotch.

When it got to be almost 6:30 this evening, it seemed pretty clear that he was ignoring my texts. Typical. So the last thing I sent him said:

PW: Gone back to your old standard of ignoring me, I see. Let me know when you're done behaving like a three-year-old.


So basically, he's still the same asshole he always has been. Maybe some day, he'll realize that and cut it the fuck out. Not likely, but a boy can dream, can't he?

So glad that Lomond is sane. I wish I hadn't had to turn down several invitations to go out with him this week, but I am buried beneath an entire mountain range of schoolwork, and being the thrice university graduate he is, he understands. Hallelujah!

Now for sleep. I am determined to dig myself out from underneath this crap by the time I go to bed on Monday.



JoeinVegas said...

What will you do next time he texts at 2am?

Phillip Wilde said...

@JoeinVegas - It depends how he's acting. If he seems ready to discuss things like an adult, then I'll give him a chance to say his part. But if he's texting at 2 am, then he's not likely to be in such a good state of mind, so that's not likely. If he never contacts me again, I'll be fine, but I would enjoy seeing him grow up, however unlikely that may be.