Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Éiníní, éiníní, codalaígí, codalaígí. Codalaígí, codalaígí, cois an claí amuigh

Not much has changed since my last post, really. Lip Ring is still ignoring me, or rather ignoring me again. It sure seems like an ongoing thing, though.

I listen to my friends and agree that they're right in saying that I should just forget him because he's just an ass, and I deserve better.

It was just nice to have somebody. But he was just somebody, when what I really need is somebody.

I'll be fine. It's just hard sometimes.

My current mood is heavily influenced by my current music, beautiful yet a bit sad. That is also the source of the title for this post, which translates as:

Little birds, little birds, all sleep, all sleep.
All sleep, all sleep, beside the wall outside.

The song is "Éiníní," traditional Irish, sung by Abby Green. She's really wonderful. Check her out at her Myspace.

I've got to get ready for a meeting now.


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