Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An ongoing saga

So I finally heard from Lip Ring again. He texted me yesterday, saying "I haven't been ignoring you yo, I hardly ever get on myspace anymore. Things are okay I guess. I'm in love, just not completely sexually happy."

I call bullshit on him saying that he just hasn't been getting on Myspace. Does he not realize that Myspace tells you if your sent messages have been read? *sigh* I think I'm just done with him completely. Whenever I try to be his friend instead of 'the other man,' he just ignores me, and now he's lying to me about it.

I had dinner tonight with my two best friends here at my unnamed Baptist university, hereafter referred to as Teacher Friend (she's an education major) and CSI Friend (she's a forensic science major). After we finished, none of us really wanted to go home to do homework, so we ended up staying in the cafeteria for quite a while, long enough for Shorty to come join us after a meeting he had.

Shorty has only recently come into our close-knit group. He's a freshman, whom we probably would never have come to know if he hadn't been childhood friends with Teacher Friend, but he actually fits in with our group rather well. We (being me, CSI Friend, Teacher Friend, and their roommate Blonde Friend) have also discussed on more than one occasion whether we think Shorty is gay. We have all gotten a vibe, but none of us feel absolutely sure in either direction. We've generally come to the conclusion that he isn't really sure himself yet.

This may sound kind of selfish, but I kind of hope he is gay. He's really cute and really easy to get along with. I've actually discussed this with Teacher Friend as well, and she said that if he is gay, then I should go for it, and that we would make a really cute couple.

I noticed today that he has really long eyelashes. I think he is officially my number one crush now.

Teacher Friend and I went to a meeting of the musical revue group tonight, where I saw Flippy Hair, Adam's Apple, and the Artist. I still think they're all adorable, and I would probably date any one of them if I had the courage, but the bulk of my attention has turned to Shorty.

Man, sometimes I just think of how stupid it is that I stay in the closet, almost surely sealing my loneliness. I wish the administration at my unnamed Baptist university would just take their heads out of their own arses and realize that gays are not subversive pedophiles who lure upstanding men into their dens of sin. Then maybe I could have a chance at a normal love life.

Well, a man can dream, can't he?


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Anonymous said...

I love you

-CSI Friend:)