Thursday, October 30, 2008

A plague of illogic

Hmm. Nothing has really changed in my love life, yet for once I actually don't feel completely empty. Maybe it's because I'm actually getting to where I can be happy without longing constantly for someone, or maybe because I am just too riled up by Proposition 8 in California.

Not that I am unaccustomed to horrendous homophobic clauses written into state constitutions. My own Texas ratified an amendment three years ago banning marriages and all marriage-like unions between anyone other than one man and one woman. But I still get so angry when I hear about people being so resistant of equal marriage rights.

I can understand some people not wanting to call a homosexual union 'marriage' because they think of that term as having a religious connotation, but saying that straight people can have a 'marriage' but gay people can only have a 'civil union' just reminds me too much of Plessy v. Ferguson: 'separate, but equal,' and we all know how well that turned out.

If people are so adamant about the religious connotation of the word 'marriage,' then the state should not have anything to do with marriages at all. Call all legal unions, gay or straight, 'civil unions.' That can be the legal aspect, and then marriages, gay or straight, can be performed and recognized by religious entities if they so choose.

I have yet to hear an argument against same-sex unions that actually have a solid ground, since I have yet to hear an argument against same-sex unions that doesn't quote the Bible and/or jump to ridiculous conclusions about it opening the door for legalized bestiality or something like that.

I see no reason why two consenting adults (or more, but that's another discussion) should not be able to have the legal benefits of marriage. It would 'harm the institution of marriage' much less than divorce does, but you don't see any states holding a referendum to ban divorce. It's just all so illogical.

*sigh* Maybe I should just move to Canada, where homosexuals are actually treated like human beings.


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